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Wainwright Communities in Bloom Pitch –In Week National Campaign


The annual Pitch-In Week in Wainwright is coming soon.  The members of Communities in Bloom have asked that all of our local organizations help pitch-in and clean up various public areas around Wainwright.  WDA has been assigned to the area surrounding the Post Office on main street.


We are asking that all available dancers and family members come out to participate in this important event. If possible please bring gloves, shovels and/or rakes. This is also a great opportunity to advertise for our academy so please wear your WDA jackets (or something else black and purple). 



We will meet in front of the Post Office on Monday April 20th from 6:30-7:30.


Thanks in advance for your support!




From Pitch-In Canada:


From its modest beginnings, PITCH-IN CANADA is now leading a multi-faceted approach to “litter” and overall proper waste management practices. These practices include: the 4 R’s, REFUSE - REUSE - REDUCE - RECYCLE, personal responsibility, community sustainability and beautification. Through the use of education, community participation, and partnerships with the corporate and government sectors, PITCH-IN CANADA works with all Canadians interested, to maintain a clean, green and beautiful country.


Due to lack of corporate sponsorship we are unable to offer the garbage/recycling bags for the 2015 campaign. We encourage all participants to reuse bags from home, or seek a local sponsor to donate the appropriate materials for your clean-up campaign. Thank you for your continued efforts to keep Canada clean and green.



Pitch-In Week Map



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