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Dancer's Attendance:


Expectations of WDA Members - Dancer’s Attendance


1.  Dancers should be at the studio at least five minutes before class begins, ready to dance. 


2.  Regular attendance is strongly encouraged. A dancer who is habitually absent disrupts the group’s ability to learn its routine efficiently. When a dancer has been absent for four to six regularly scheduled classes (in a discipline), regardless of the reason, it is the Instructor’s decision whether or not the dancer will compete at festivals/competitions in that discipline. This does not affect the dancer’s performance in the recital. Dancers who miss seven or more regularly scheduled classes will not be competing. In exceptional circumstances, the Board reserves the right to permit a dancer who has missed more than seven classes to compete. If a dancer misses more than two regularly scheduled classes in the month preceding a festival/competition, it will be at the Instructor’s discretion if that dancer competes at that festival/competition. If a dancer is not competing due to attendance issues, festival/competition fees will not be reimbursed. If a dancer misses more than seven regularly scheduled co-requisite classes, then they will not be allowed to compete in any associated discipline. It is strongly encourage that if your child isn’t feeling well, but is able to sit and watch the class, that your child still attend class in this manner. Auditing a class in this way does not count as an absence.


3.  Please email the WDA at or let the Instructor know in advance if your dancer will be absent for any reason. 


4.  Please ensure your dancer is dressed appropriately.


5.  As dancers need to be focused, and little ones are easily distracted, parents are to remain in the waiting area during class. Parent watch opportunities will occur throughout the year. Please watch newsletters for announced dates.

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