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Jrequently Asked Questions:



1. Can I watch my child in class?

No, all of our dance classes are closed, allowing the students to give their full attention to the teacher and get the most out of their classes. There will be a recital in May that give you a chance to see what your dancer has learned.​


2. How old does my child have to be to start dancing?

Children can start dancing as young as the age of three. Dance classes benefit young children in a number of ways, from developing confidence, good posture, balance and coordination to learning how to get along and work with a group of peers. A strong foundation in a child's formative years is one of the most important steps of their dance training.​


3. What classes are available for pre-schoolers?


We offer a number of classes for young dancers after school hours. Ballet is the basis of all dance and is the base of all our pre-school programs. We also offer pre-school classes in tap, jazz and hip hop to accelerate their training.


4. Should I pack snacks?

​If your dancer is at the studio for an hour or less they don't need to bring a snack. If your dancer is in multiple classes in one night and needs to bring a snack they may do so. Snacks/drinks should be kept out of the studio. Please keep our studio clean.


5. When do we get costumes?


Once all fees are paid, costumes will be handed out as they arrive. These are worn for pictures, festivals, and recital.


6. Are there additional costs throughout the year?


Some, yes. Less costs arise with recreational as opposed to the regular competitive classes. There are things like make up and hair pieces, pictures, and possibly some hotel stays during festivals, and fuel to drive there.


7. Why does my young child need to wear make up?


The stage lights make everyone appear white and sickly. The make up highlights eyes and smiles, and gives the dancers a look of healthy coloring on stage.


8. Do I have to purchase pictures?


No, pictures are a wonderful memento though, and not very costly.  Even if you do not choose to purchase dance pictures, please ensure your child is present so the group shots are complete.


9. Are classes ever cancelled?


We don’t run classes on holidays, and these classes are not made up. Occasionally, classes may be cancelled if an instructor is ill or road conditions are too bad for the instructors who travel. These classes will possibly be made up on a Saturday or Sunday. You will be notified by email if this happens.    


10. Can I rent the studio?


Yes the studio's can be rented for birthday parties, workshops etc. There is no charge for WDA members to use the studio for extra practice time.

  • Rental rates:

  • $15 /hr

  • $75 / day

  • $350 / week (5 days)

  • Birthday parties are $50 for 3 hours rental

  • $100 cash cleaning deposit required, will be returned as soon as the studio is shown to be clean     

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