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Parent Conduct


1.  Admirable conduct is desirable, so please refrain from any verbal disputes or other personal confrontations with other dancers, parents, or Instructors. Parents are asked to refrain from using social media in a manner that could reflect negatively on the WDA or its members.


2.  As recommended by Respect in Sport, parents are to wait a 24 hour cool down period to reflect on the issue before escalating concerns.


3.  Please do not approach Instructors for discussions before (Instructors are preparing for class), during (class time is valuable), or after your child’s class (the next class should begin promptly).


4.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Board in writing via email, in a sealed envelope left in the brown drop off box in the front waiting area, or attend the beginning of the next monthly Board meeting. 


5.  Parents are advised that if they wish to make a complaint about an Instructor that the Instructor is entitled to receive a copy of the concern/complaint so that the Instructor may respond.  The Instructor may also request a meeting with the parent.  Any such meeting would be attended by two Board Members.


6.  Please remember that the WDA executive is made up of parent volunteers who are making decisions that are best for the Academy as a whole.

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