Miss Mack


This is Miss Mack’s 12th year as an instructor with the WDA, with two years as an assistant teacher before that, and her 24th year as a member of the Academy.  Miss Mack has her degree in Elementary Education, and graduated with Honors with Distinction from the University of Alberta. Miss Mack has completed her

CDTA (Canadian Dance Teachers Association) Tap Teacher’s Associate Exam

allowing her the opportunity to enter WDA’s tap students in CDTA exams, up

to grade 3. She is currently working toward obtaining her CDTA Member Exam,

making it possible to enter students of all tap grades in exams.  


Miss Mack has participated in multiple workshops and dance intensives,

receiving instruction across disciplines from many notable instructors and

choreographers. Some of these include Coastal Dance Range, where she took

classes from Benji Schwimmer, Mia Michaels and Blake McGrath, and the

Showtime 5,6,7,8! workshop in Saskatoon, where she took classes offered by

Justin Jackson and Kevin MyIrea. It was at this 5,6,7,8! competition that Miss

Mack competed a tap solo, placing 1st in her category and qualifying  to

compete at Dance World Cup the summer of 2014. She has participated in a

workshop in Disney World as well as performed there. Miss Mack has taken

classes from Gail Ledger and Jordan Amour, and values continued professional

development. In the summer of 2015, she accompanied some of WDA’s dancers

to Whistler, BC for Dance World Cup. While there, she competed her tap solo,

receiving the Bronze medal in the Professional Category.





Select photos are courtesy of SDI Photography, Thunderstruck Canada,

Sheri White Photography, TJ Photography & L Smiley Photography.

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