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Festivals & Competitions


1. As an academy we register for festivals and/or 

competitions. The Festival Director, in conjunction with

the instructors, will ensure that eligible dancers are 

registered for festivals and/or competitions each year. 


2. Recreational classes do not compete in festivals

or competitions.


3. Make up is worn by everyone as the stage lights

make everyone appear white and sickly. The make-up

highlights eyes and smiles, and gives the dancers a

look of healthy colouring on stage. We are judged on

hair and make up. 


4. Younger dancers (Ages 3-4) typically attend one festival. This gives the dancers experience on the big stage, but is not intended as a competition.


5. All competitive older groups usually attend three festivals and/or competitions.


6. Festival and competition times may be during the week and may require staying at a hotel (i.e.: if dance times are early in the morning or if your child is in more than one dance, etc.).


7. Dancers MUST be ready to compete (fully dressed in costume with hair and make-up done) one hour before competition time (according to festival/competition rules). This allows for warm-ups, stretching, practice, and lining up back stage. It also provides extra time if the festival or competition is running ahead of schedule.


8. Cover ups or dance jackets, are to be worn over costumes when outside the practice hall and change area.


9. There is NO photography or videotaping allowed at festivals and competitions. Audience members must conduct themselves according to the festival/competition rules and regulations. Failure to follow the rules could result in disqualification of our academy from the festival. Those running the festival, NOT the WDA, enforce these rules.





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