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Competition & Festival Information





A dancer’s attendance to regular class

is crucial to the success of the whole

group. A dancer that is habitually

absent disrupts the group’s ability to

learn its routine efficiently and

effectively. Please note that if a

dancer fails to attend class

consistently, it could result in his or

her exclusion from participating in the

upcoming festivals and/or

competitions. This decision will be left

up to individual instructors and will be

fully supported by the WDA Board.




Please email the Academy ( or let the instructor know in advance if your dancer will be absent for any reason. All attendance emails received by the Communications Director will be directed to the appropriate instructor as soon as possible on your behalf. Please include your child’s name, the date of the missing class, and the name of the instructor. 


Tips to make festivals a pleasant and memorable experience:


- Dancers should keep an emergency kit in their dance bags. Things to include would be band-aids, hair elastics, bobby pins, safety pins, personal items, spare tights, clear nail polish, etc.


- Dancers should get plenty of rest the night before. Refrain from other activities (i.e. swimming) until after your performance(s).


- Dancers may want to bring a water bottle and a non-staining snack.


- Pictures may be taken outside the auditorium.


- Mark all your belongings. Dressing rooms are very crowded and we share them with other academies. 


GENERAL COMPETITION RULES: IMPORTANT NOTE - Please know that festival/competition rules usually state that they have the right to run 30 min ahead of schedule. Thus, all dancers need to be at the venue one hour prior to their performances with complete hair and makeup done.


  • Festivals/competitions are to be a fun experience; therefore good sportsmanship is a must. Congratulate, clap, and encourage all dancers. Displays of poor sportsmanship may result in studio disqualification, ruining the experience for everyone else. Please refrain from loud whistling and screaming.

  • Under no circumstances at any time before, during, or after the duration of the festival/competition are parents, dancers, or teachers permitted to talk to, or approach the adjudicator. This will ultimately result in studio disqualification. If there are any concerns, please let the teacher know, and the teacher will deal with the festival coordinators after the close of the festival.

  • During performances and adjudications, there is to be no talking to one another. There is to be no exiting or entering the auditorium during a performance.

  • NO video cameras, flash cameras, or any other recording devices are permitted in the auditorium.

  • Students must remember to be quiet backstage to show courtesy for those dancing on stage.

  • Tap shoes may only be worn on the stage, and must be carried until they are backstage.

  • The festivals/competitions have the right to run ahead of schedule, so students should be prepared to dance earlier. Patience must be practiced if the festival is running late.

  • Dancers should arrive two hours before their scheduled dance times. This allows for time to put on costumes, make-up, do hair, warm-up, and rehearse before the performance. If dancers are stage ready one hour is acceptable.

  • There will be change rooms provided, as well as practice areas. There is no rehearsing in the auditorium or on the stage. Changing and applying make-up is not permitted in the public washrooms.

  • There must be one parent with each large group back stage to keep order and the students quiet, especially when the teacher may be working with another group.

  • All groups should stay together before their performance, while warming up and rehearsing. No wandering around because if a dancer is not found, the group will perform without them.

  • Watching other groups is encouraged. The students must wear a cover up over their costume when entering the auditorium.

  • There will be an admission price, as well as a program fee. Dancers are free. Souvenirs, DVD recordings of performances, and pictures are also usually sold.

  • Do not leave any valuables unattended in change rooms. Organizers are not responsible for any lost or stolen items. 


Good luck to all our dancers!





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