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Fundraising Information:



Fundraising is an integral part of the WDA. Not only does it keep our course costs down, it also increases our ability to receive Alberta Foundation of the Arts grants. In addition, it is a way to advertise our programs. The WDA is typically allotted a casino every three years.


Each family will be issued 2 booklets of raffle tickets, prepaid in the amount of $100 with registration. Families may choose to sell the booklet to recoup the funds.  Any family that fundamentally objects to participation in a raffle may indicate on their registration form that the $100 is a donation. 


Each family must participate in at least one other fundraiser; this may be casino, Purdy’s, etc.  WDA sells Purdy’s chocolates at Christmas and Easter. If you participate in Purdy’s sales, we ask for a minimum of $250 in sales.


A $250 fundraising deposit is required at registration in either cash or cheque dated for April 30.  If a family did some fundraising but did not achieve the minimum $250 in sales, the difference between $250 and the amount of fundraising completed will be required.  The cheque will be destroyed in May if the required fundraising activities have been completed. Alternatively, members may make a $250 cash donation to the WDA. The fundraising deposit will be cashed if recital volunteer commitments are not honored.

RAFFLE TICKETS (Mandatory Fundraiser)

Raffle tickets will be handed out in March/April (usually in conjunction with the costume hand out).  Parents prepay for these tickets with their registration in September.








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