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Facility Bookings

Due to Covid 19 - Facility rentals are suspended at this time!


1.  Anyone wishing to book the studio for extra practices, solos, etc. is to book it with the facility director after Instructors have booked privates.  There is no extra charge.


2.  Please remove all footwear at the entrances to

help keep the floors and dancers clean. Please

use the shoe racks provided.


3.  The facility is currently undergoing renovations. 

If you would like to volunteer in any way with the

renovations (either labour, materials or expertise),

please contact the Board.


4.  The studios are also available to rent for other

activities besides extra dance practice.


Rental Rates (per Studio):

$15 / hour

$75 / day

$350 / week (5 days)

$100 Cash cleaning deposit is required, and will be returned as soon as the studio is shown to be clean.


There is no charge for WDA members to use the studio for extra practice time.


Reduced rates are available for non-profit groups.  Please note that rental rates are subject to change at any time.

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