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The Wainwright Dance Academy proudly offers many different disciplines of dance. If there is a dance that you are interested in taking, please contact us and we will do our

best to put a class together.


Adult Dancers


Depending on the year and interest level, we have various

adult classes available that range from competitive tap to

recreational combo. The adult classes have the option of

participating at festivals and recitals, or not participating in

any public performances.


If you are intrested in joining an adult class, please email us

and let us know what you are interested in.



Recreational Dancers


Dancers may still participate in single discipline classes

recreationally. However, parents should be aware that

recreational dancers participating in competitive classes

may be asked to sit out for portions of class time during the

competitive season to allow the competitive group to practice choreography.



Class Placement:


  • Instructors have 100% control over where dancers are placed. Please respect the decision that they make. 


  • Dancers will be placed in their classes based on their level of technique, effort, attitude, and past history of their adherence to the attendance and disciplinary policies. Class lists will typically be finalized by mid October.


  • Questions, complaints, or concerns regarding placements need to be made in writing and delivered in a sealed envelope to be placed in the brown drop box inthe front studio lobby. They will then be forwarded to the Instructors who will deal with the concerns.



Exams may be offered in Ballet, Jazz and Tap.  Participation is at the discretion of the Instructor. 


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