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1.  Newsletters will be e-mailed to you and posted on our Facebook page. If you are not receiving emails, please contact us so we can confirm that we have your correct address.


2.  Any quick questions can be asked through our email address


3.  Parents are welcome to attend the first 10 minutes of every Board meeting to voice any questions or concerns.  As the handbook has valuable information, please read the handbook and sign the FOIP form to indicate that you have read it.


4.  Parents are asked not to approach the Assistant Instructors with questions.  If a parent has a question regarding a class that the Assistant Instructor is teaching/ assisting with, the parent should ask the Instructor responsible for the class.


5.  There will be a weekly office time scheduled for each Instructor. During this time, parents are welcome to come in to ask questions or to direct concerns to the Instructors. Please remain respectful when communicating with our Instructors.






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