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These classes develop a sense of grace and fluidity through discipline and technique. Ballet is essential to the overall development of the dancer. Ballet classes are offered for Ages 3 and up.  Dancers in Ballet 2 and up must take two ballet classes in order to be eligible to compete with the competitive group in ballet, lyrical, contemporary, and jazz.


Second Ballet is offered to students in Ballet

2 and up. The same material is covered in

the second ballet class. Second ballet is

highly recommended for all students

interested in taking ballet exams.  There are

no costume or festival/competition fees for

second ballet.  


Pointe is offered within senior dance classes

upon approval of the Instructor. En pointe

(pointe) means "on the tips of the toes" and is a

part of classical ballet technique made possible

by specially reinforced shoes called pointe

shoes or toe shoes. It takes considerable

strength in the feet, ankle, leg, knee, and

abdomen to dance en pointe.


Students must be at least 12 years of age before attempting pointe work because bones and growth plates in the feet are usually not fully hardened and developed prior to this age. Serious foot deformities can result from starting pointe too early even if the student is otherwise strong and skillful. Attempting to dance en pointe before the feet and toes are fully grown can cause career-ending damage that will prevent dancing en pointe for a lifetime.











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