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1.  A family registration fee of $50 (non-refundable) per family is due at the time of registration.  This covers administrative costs and studio cleaning payments.


2.  Please ensure that dance fees, as well as festival/competition and costume deposits are paid at time of registration, either in whole or by no more than eight (8) post dated cheques, with the final cheque dated no later than December 30th. 


3.  For dancers participating in private classes (solos, duets, or small groups), registrations for these classes must be in by November 15th and deposits for costumes and festival/competition fees are due December 30th.


4.  The WDA guarantees that the Instructors will hold a minimum of 25 weeks of instructional classes. Make up classes will be scheduled when required. 


5.  There is a $25 charge for any NSF cheques. Cheques will no longer be accepted after two NSF cheques. 


6.  Dance families who have not made any payments as of Sept 30th will be removed from classes until payment has been made. 


7.  Parents/ guardians will receive an invoice outlining instructional fees, costume deposits, and festival/competition deposits. (Please keep the invoice for your Child Fitness Tax Credit, and Child Arts Tax Credit for your taxes).  All outstanding payments must be received by December 30th.


8.  At the beginning of the New Year, you will receive invoices for the outstanding balance of festival/competition fees and costume costs.  All payments must be received prior to obtaining costumes (Cheques may be postdated for March 1st).


9.  Additional fees may arise during the year for things like hair pieces, pictures, make up, etc. There are fewer costs associated with recreational classes as opposed to regular competitive classes. 


10.  Dancers have until Oct 31st to inform the Board in writing if they wish to drop a class. Invoices will be issued for classes conducted before the notice date at a prorated charge of $10 per hour of class.


11.  Dance families who leave the academy prior to costume pick up will have their raffle ticket fees refunded.


12. Dancers registering after October 31st may only register for recreational classes.  Please note that the WDA cannot guarantee costumes will arrive in time for the recital for late registrants. Dancers registering after Dec 31st may have their class fees prorated at the Board’s discretion.


13.  See appropriate registration forms for your age group for yearly fees.



Click this link for information regarding 2015/2016 Tuition Fees





Registration fee subsidies may be available to families who meet eligibility criteria.



The Town of Wainwright is involved in the Kidsport Program. 

Contact Todd Aughey

780-842-3381 for more info or visit 



Jumpstart is a Canadian Tire program to help families get their children involved in sports. Information can be found at



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